Ryan Banfield

Special Makeup and Effects Artist

Owner and Operator of PROliFX

Ryan Banfield’s love of monsters and movie magic began at the age of five years old, after watching the film GHOSTBUSTERS and then later THE MONSTER SQUAD . The images in those films would create an impression on Ryan that later lit a path to his career in entertainment special effects. His many interests involved making home movies with friends and studying the art of film magic and theme park design. He created his first major portfolio piece in a free standing 5,200 sq. ft Haunted House attraction he built for his senior project in high school legendarily called INDUSTRIAL FEAR later evolving into DR. MACABROS ISLAND OF DEATH. This caught the attention of the local press and led to his first job in the world of creature and makeup effects.

Ryan quickly established himself as a Mold maker, fabricator and one of the top Effects Technicians in his field. He has since worked on feature films, including IRON MAN, JAMES CAMERON’S AVATAR, and TERMINATOR SALVATION.  Banfield established PROliFX in 2002. Ryan worked with top-level entertainment companies Knott’s Berry Farm , Stan Winston Studio, The Walt Disney Company and Cirque Du Soleil in the years that followed. Today, PROliFX is working towards becoming one of the leading effects studios in the industry.